Integrate with leading proxies

Easily integrate with the top proxies in the market, and benefit from exclusive deals.

How it works


Simple proxy integration

Just add your chosen proxy to your browser profile and enjoy the freedom to set your geolocation and IP parameters exactly as you need them.


Get exclusive deals

Benefit from exclusive deals with the world's leading proxy providers, available specially for Multilogin users!


Choose between residential, datacenter and mobile proxies

Integrate Multilogin with your chosen type of proxy based on your use case, including mobile proxies.

Protect your accounts

Reduce detectability and inconsistencies by using high-quality IPs to change your geolocation parameters.

Get special discounts

Reduce costs for your business with our special deals for our Multilogin users.

Integrate your proxy in seconds

We know speed is of the essence, and it takes seconds to set up your proxy within Multilogin when you build your profile.

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