How to use Multilogin for affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is highly scalable, but there is one obstacle: account management. Platforms like Facebook, Google and Instagram have ever-more sophisticated ways of detecting multiple accounts, meaning everything could be banned in an instant – unless you plan ahead. This is where Multilogin is your secret weapon.

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In-depth: How does affiliate marketing work?

Affiliate marketing is one of our most popular use cases. It involves promoting third-party products and services to an audience you attract, and then earning a commission or affiliate fee every time somebody makes a purchase through your marketing.

In theory, this makes it extremely scalable, as you’re not limited by your own production resources to expand the product offer itself that you’re marketing. In reality, however, it’s only scalable if you overcome the issue of account management. As we explain below, running multiple accounts is crucial if you want to make money in affiliate marketing, but comes with risks you need to proof against.

Best practice for affiliate marketers means running multiple accounts, as this means a greater reach and therefore greater possibilities. Separate accounts for each product or area allow you to build authority without diluting it with another area. Likewise, having several accounts devoted to the same area means you have more possibilities to capture and recapture the same traffic and eventually make sales. For anyone looking to make money as an affiliate marketer, being able to do both of these is an enormous advantage.

The problem is that popular platforms like Facebook, Google and Instagram are always developing more targeted and meticulous ways of detecting multiple accounts, from the smallest of inconsistencies in behavior or account history to similarities in profiles across multiple accounts.

The moment your account is flagged as suspicious, it risks being immediately banned and potentially your other accounts, too. It is rare for accounts to be reinstated. This means you have to start from scratch, rebuilding your audience, authority and trust – always with the thought that a ban could be just around the corner if you haven’t reduced the risk with a reliable solution.

The key is to ensure that all your affiliate accounts are completely segregated and appear natural. It’s no small task, but this is where Multilogin comes in. You only need a single device to create hundreds of virtual browser profiles, as each one has a detailed, unique and completely customizable fingerprint. Crucially, rather than blocking sites from reading that fingerprint, we allow it to be read and understood as a genuine, native fingerprint. Each appears as a genuine device, putting your business on a safer, more reliable footing to scale and grow.

How Multilogin helps:

  • Separated browser environments
  • Native browser fingerprints
  • Automate manual processes
  • One-click account creation
  • Specialist, multilingual support

Create and manage thousands of completely separated virtual browser profiles that do not leak data, history or information between each other.

Rather than suspiciously blocking sites from reading your fingerprint, Multilogin replaces it with a completely native new one that appears as a genuine separate device.

Use automation to quickly create, change and delete accounts in bulk, carry out manual routine tasks, manage ads and more.

Scale fast by creating an account in a matter of seconds, and use tools such as CookieRobot to build your account history automatically.

Enjoy in-app live chat support in English, Russian and Chinese and over 60 specialist written and video guides in our Knowledge Base.

Find out how to stop account bans, break free of the restrictions of physical devices with Multilogin and scale your business effortlessly.

Adam Collard

CEO, Rocket31

A very good, reliable solution that can increase our productivity and definitely increase our ROI in the business…I highly recommend.

Akshay Sharma

CEO at Fubee Media

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E-commerce Consultant