How to use Multilogin for ticketing

Multilogin is the ticketer’s secret weapon. Harness our powerful stealth technology to create and manage thousands of accounts, and use automation to keep pace with a few-second purchase window to beat the competition and come out on top.

Here’s how Multilogin lets you grow far beyond what you might think possible:

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Grow your accounts

Run multiple accounts on platforms like Ticketmaster with native browser fingerprints.

Automate purchases

Use automation to bulk-purchase tickets as soon as they become available to get ahead of the competition.

Scale up fast

Scale your business fast and take on the biggest players without infrastructure investment.

Build native profiles

Build profiles that appear as native devices and users from different geolocations and segments.

In-depth: How do you run a successful ticketing operation?

Ticketing operations essentially operate as a middle service reselling tickets for, for instance, concerts. It’s a business that relies absolutely on speed: with tickets selling out for large events fast, you need to be able to get in there first to buy in bulk (more on how this works in a moment!) to then have a pool for resale.

Many generally then follow a buy-and-hold approach, whereby they then hold onto this pool until prices have risen, such as when supply has fallen far further than demand. The final difference between the price at which you bought the tickets, when demand was lower, and the price at which you sell them, is where your profit comes from.

It’s a sector with huge opportunities for getting results, but one that also requires careful strategizing.

The first step is through careful research – continuously researching events to determine if they will prove profitable.

The second step is speed: a delay of as little as twenty seconds with major events can be the difference between acquiring a selection of tickets from sellers such as Ticketmaster and getting nothing, so you need to be quick off the mark. There are a number of ways to achieve this, as we will explore.

Thirdly, you need to time your own resale effectively to hit that most profitable spot when supply is low but demand is still high.

As we have touched upon in the introduction, for anyone to make money from online ticketing, you need multiple accounts to be able to spread the risk and maintain profitability. However, that in itself brings an extra layer of risk – unless you plan carefully.

As speed is the name of the game here, there are a number of options depending on the region. In much of the world, many ticket resellers use Multilogin’s automation capability to run multiple accounts – into the 100s or more – with the purchasing tasks automated, so that all of these accounts can start purchasing immediately without the need for significant manpower resources.

In some parts of the world, this is not permitted, and so it takes the management of multiple team members.

One of the commonest reasons why accounts get banned on platforms like Ticketmaster or is that they are detected as coming from the same user or device. Your browser fingerprint consists of multiple elements, from the obvious like your IP through to details about hardware and more. All this means it’s very easy to find a chink in your armor if you’re not using a carefully built antidetect.

This is where Multilogin comes in. You can run each of your ticketing accounts on a separated virtual browser profile, which appears as a native, individual device of its own to third parties, with a completely customizable fingerprint.

How Multilogin helps:

  • Separated browser environments
  • Native browser fingerprints
  • Automate manual processes
  • One-click account creation
  • Specialist, multilingual support

Create and manage thousands of completely separated virtual browser profiles that do not leak data, history or information between each other.

Rather than suspiciously blocking sites from reading your fingerprint, Multilogin replaces it with a completely native new one that appears as a genuine separate device.

Use automation to quickly create, change and delete accounts in bulk, carry out manual routine tasks, manage ads and more.

Scale fast by creating an account in a matter of seconds, and use tools such as CookieRobot to build your account history automatically.

Enjoy in-app live chat support in English, Russian and Chinese and over 60 specialist written and video guides in our Knowledge Base.

Adam Collard

CEO, Rocket31

A very good, reliable solution that can increase our productivity and definitely increase our ROI in the business…I highly recommend.

Akshay Sharma

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